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that tree looks so happy that it is receiving a hug from this child

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hello this is for u

Only thing that matters right now is this fucking picture.


So beautiful. And then I notice the tags in their ears and realize they have probably been eaten already :(

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my mom was trying to drive us home from the beach and she wanted to stop at this lighthouse, but we got lost on the way back and she pulled over here and it looked so pretty in this sad kind of way

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Y’know, we told the dahlias in the Home Gardening Center that perfection is unattainable, but they’re giving it their stubborn all nonetheless. —MN

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Okay class sit down and shut up because this is fucking adorable. The big tree on the left is Tāne Mahuta, Lord of the Forest, the largest kauri tree in the world, quite possibly older than Jesus Christ. It lives in New Zealand not far from Dargaville in the North Island. We love it a lot.

The big tree on the right is Jōmon Sugi, a great big yakusugi tree from Yakushima Island in Japan, and it may be up to seven thousand years old. So by comparison Tāne Mahuta is just a little sprout, which is adorable and appropriate because while, in Maori, Tāne is the name of the god of the forests, in Japanese ‘tane’ means the sprout of a plant.

And the two trees are partners. Isn’t that lovely? In the first arrangement of its kind, like ever, in 2009, they were, well, kind of married.  Given their age difference I’m not quite sure I see the partnership as a marriage, though. Perhaps it’s more like the bond between mentor and pupil. Jōmon-sensei and Tāne-chan.

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3 different pieces of the same plant 

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Hypnosis Attack!!

Like their other cephalopod cousins, cuttlefish exhibit exceptional control of their chromatophoresthe color-changing pigments in their skin.

Here, this broadclub cuttlefish (Sepia latimanus) appears to ‘hypnotize’ its prey with a dazzling, oscillating display, before striking with a pair of lightning-quick tentacles.

video source: anas abdul on Youtube

reference: Hanlon and Messenger. 1998.

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stepped outside and my cat was asleep in the flower pot…..look at this

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